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Highlights of July 2014….
(Using xperia z1c and pixgram)

Robber’s cave at dehradun is one of the best attraction city has.. situated just 8-10 kms from city is nature marvel… according to locals during few hundreds of years the robbers used to live here… Place looks beautiful in monsoon too… The Road to waterfall is narrow with surrounding cave… Water level is almost above shoulder after some point.. Must visit place in dehradun :)
Don’t miss Maggi that they serve inside cave with water passing through your legs…

EZCAST : Thing to watch for


If you want to play your movies,songs or photos on big screen(Hdmi supported) without getting stuck into apple airplay and samsung allShare crap
then Ezcast (Miracast device) device is just for you.
Looks similar to chromcast even can say clone of it but can do much more than that…
Its a cross-platform (iOS{not tested}, Android, Windows, and Mac) wireless display device, which displays the contents
from internet and your own devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebook and Mac.
It casts video, audio, photos, MS office files, PDF files, games to HDTV or projector wirelessly.
It can mirror whatever shown on the screen of your smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC to your HDTV or projector.


I am testing this tiny cheap (INR 2700) device from quite a few days experience is great..Honestly i dint have much expectations from it
but it surpassed everything..


1>DLNA :- i watched 720P resolution videos without any lag it worked like charm..I am able to play mkv,avi,mp4,mp3 and most of video and audio formats
without converting it :) Still i couldn’t play subtitles but hope coming updates will resolves this.

2)Screen Mirroring:- screen mirroring worked well for normal use like watching photos,videos etc.But if you start playing temple run or asphalt like
GPU oriented games there is significant lag and sometimes it gets crashedfor causal games like angry bird,candy crush its good.

3)Internet :- It has inbuilt browser with that you can use internet on tv.For normal net its great but when I tried to use youtube app its disappointing
it takes lot of time to buffer and i lost interest of watching content.

Cons :-
1)It has usb power cable which is used to go give power suppy to device..but it needs external adapter for it you can’t take power from tv.
2)Subtitles should work.
3)Should fix youtube issue
4)It requires android 4.3 and later which supports screen mirroring and miracast..

5)When screen mirroring you can’t keep screen of your smart phone off.

Verdict :-
By far most amazing device at such a cheaper cost i used.Just confirm your device has screen mirroring miracast support before jumping to it :)

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